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Go On A Volunteer Vacation to Experience the World in a Whole New Way.

Volunteer trips to Costa Rica will introduce you to a whole new side of the tropical paradise and you will return from your vacation with a broader worldview and deeper understanding of the location. Not many vacations can boast such claims because in most cases you see little beyond your hotel and the tourist guided areas.

Have you been considering a trip to Costa Rica? We don't blame you. It is a fascinating place full of the friendliest people you will ever meet, as well as a diverse animal and flora population. Did you know that Costa Rica has a zero carbon footprint as a whole country? It is a place like no other. If you have been thinking about visiting this tropical paradise, consider a volunteer vacation. Our volunteer trips to Costa Rica include sunsets to remember for life, trips to waterfalls that are IG worthy from every aspect, great food, resort-style amenities and housing, fun natured tour guides, and volunteer opportunities that will leave you with a broader picture of the people and nature in our world.

Come on your own and you will get to meet a new group of people who are there as solo travelers as well. Or book a whole group of friends or family who want to volunteer and vacation all at once. Contact us for more information about our volunteer travel packages at Have Fun Do Good. We love to help you have a vacation that will make an impression on the rest of your life. Rethink vacations, rethink volunteering, rethink life with a trip to Costa Rica this year.

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