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You Can Go on an Epic Volunteer Trip to Breckenridge Colorado.

Did you know that you can have fun and do good on your vacation? That is the whole concept of our travel agency! Have Fun Do Good connects adventurous travelers to locations that need volunteers so they can achieve good deeds while enjoying vacationing in a new location.

Solo travel adventures are available, in fact most of our bookings are solo travelers. You will be matched to a group that wants to go at the same time so you can have a blast while working side by side with people who are there for the same reason. This makes our company stand out because not only do you have the opportunity to do good across the nation, you have a chance to travel and to meet new friends who are like-minded when it comes to adventure and to volunteering to improve the world.
Breckenridge Colorado is a premier ski location and many people travel from around the globe to experience the slopes. You can go on a regular ski vacation and you will probably have a great time. Or you could elevate your vacation with us at Have Fun Do Good.

Our groups stay in fine homes in the areas we book, and enjoy all the amenities expected on a vacation with the addition of great volunteering opportunities that allows you to carve a moment out of the fun to have a different type of fun and engagement. You will get to volunteer at the Outdoor Education Center during your vacation. Remember our vacations include volunteer opportunities, but it is not an immersive volunteering trip, there will be many moments of adventure and R&R.

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