What People are Saying:


Alea S. - Pittsburgh, PA

So hard to put the Costa Rica trip into words! It was really life-changing for me and put things into perspective. Little positive acts make a big difference, from picking up garbage or playing with kids - everything helps. Just when we thought we had the best day ever playing with kids and jumping off cliffs, we hopped on surf boards the next day! It was wonderful to be around amazing new friends with similar interests and big hearts. I can't stop telling people about our experience. I'm confident my promotions will result in my friends joining a trip - and I will definitely be back.


Tanara H. - Raleigh, NC

I found myself stuck. I was frustrated, discouraged, and depressed. Finally, I decided rather than continue to close in on myself I needed to find an opportunity to help someone else. I stumbled across Have Fun Do Good and within days had decided to sign up for their Costa Rica trip. Long story short - that trip changed the game for me. I will never forget those five days, the people I met, the service we did, and the fun we had. Feeling adventurous? Try it out yourself! 

tanara hansen have fun do good



Chad H. - Santa Monica, CA

Man, I wish there were more than 5 stars because this company deserves it. I recently returned from the National Park Tour and it was an absolutely amazing experience. If you are thinking about joining one of these trips, just do it!


Greg P. - Pittsburgh, PA

I have volunteered most of my life but something was unique about the opportunity I had with Have Fun Do Good. Maybe it was the bond created between old friends and new friends and the families and individuals we helped. Or perhaps it was the services provided by a van full of people. I know whatever created that feeling will provide me a lifetime of memories and a yearning to stay involved with Have Fun Do Good.



Megan D. - Chicago, IL

Want to see some spectacular views, meet incredible people, and sincerely enjoy giving back to the community? Then HFDG is the perfect trip. Breaking away from the daily routine to spend some quality time with mother nature and the awesome new friends I made on this trip made for a fantastic vacation. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this experience, can't wait for my next trip!


Adrian p. - New York City

Have Fun Do Good Costa Rica was the experience of a lifetime. The location was beautiful, the activities were a blast, I’ve got new family members and now have memories to look back on for the rest of my life. I hope to go on more in the future.



Monty M. - New York City

It was one of the best weekends of my life. What an incredible group of people sharing such a rewarding experience. I feel like the things we did were very different from each other which offered variety and excitement. I didn’t know what to expect from this weekend and everything exceeded my expectations. You guys are great! Can’t wait for the next trip!


Nick Kotun - Pittsburgh, PA

Being in my early 30’s, it’s hard to find time to travel with friends as many of them are married and some of them even have kids which makes vacationing a challenge. Traveling solo is not appealing either. This trip offered me a chance to step away from the daily grind, all the while meeting and making new friends. There is a volunteer aspect to the trip, which really put things in perspective. Would highly recommend stepping outside your comfort zone and go on trip with this group when you can. 

nick kotun have fun do good
katie have fun do good

Katie M. - Chicago, IL

If you have ANY reservations about HFDG and their trips, put them aside and BOOK IT NOW! I met an incredible group of open-minded, intelligent, hilarious people that I will no doubt keep in contact with. Each day was filled with volunteer work or exploring, hiking and swimming and we'd unwind/talk about our day over a couple of beers each night (where I'd find myself laughing so hard it hurt). I hope to be able to go on another trip in the near future and can't wait to see what other destinations they add! So, to sum it all up-- DO IT! You're in good hands with the Have Fun Do Good team, you'll meet some awesome people, see some beautiful places and make a positive impact on places that need it.

Mike Kaplan - Pittsburgh, PA

Have Fun Do Good - it's in the name. Volunteering with the BOEC in Breckenridge and helping young kids learn how to snowboard is not something I will soon forget. Everyone on the trip was so incredible, and had so much fun in Breckenridge - from early mornings on the mountain, to family dinners sharing about our lives and really opening up, to the Random Acts of Kindness scavenger hunt - this trip is not something you can accomplish with all your buddies from college. HaveFunDoGood truly offers a unique travel experience. This is the first of many I will attend. Thank you HFDG - I had a ridiculous amount of fun, and did some incredible good during it.

mike kaplan
liz mike have fun do good



Liz M. - Columbus, Ohio

This trip was fantastic. I had so much fun getting to know new people on such a real level, and I feel so blessed that I could see new parts of the world in such a fun and easy way. I want to thank the trip leaders for all of their hard work, and also thank all participants for their willingness to make friends and try new things.