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Next Pittsburgh - Have Fun Do Good Mixes Vacationing with Volunteerism

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006, Adam Kunes took a service trip to New Orleans, where he spent four days gutting homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

“It was extremely hard work,” says Kunes. “The bonds and friendships that were formed that week made a lasting impact on me. There is something about giving of your time and talents to help those in need that can’t be explained.”

The trip inspired Kunes, a young entrepreneur who previously served as the CEO and founder of the Squirrel Hill-based media conversion company Rewind Memories, to create Have Fun Do Good, a new Pittsburgh-based travel company that provides young travelers with opportunities to combine vacation and volunteer work.

Rank and File Magazine - Have Fun Do Good Then Shoot a Video About it

In 2008, Adam Kunes traded in his cushy corporate job for a 1991 Ford Winnebago RV, and started an entire social movement. Adam had only graduated 11 months prior, but already had a gut feeling that cubicle life was not where he wanted to be. While still in the confines of corporate America, Adam began reflecting. He thought back to a service trip he took to New Orleans in college where he met his buddy Andrew Blythe. He had a blast on that trip. Yes, he was gutting houses with mold, but he loved it! Adam wondered why there was a stigma that young people, like him, didn’t care anymore – he still did! But he felt stuck.


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Goodnet - Five Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Give Back

There are countless ways to do some good and the knowledge of having having helped somebody is already all the reward you could want. But wouldn't it be amazing if you could seize the opportunity and grow as a person while helping others? It’s a win/win, right? Challenge yourself to complete just a few of these 5 simple tips and we promise you’ll grow, explore, meet new people, have fun, and make a difference.

Local Wolves - Have Fun Do Good

"We're changing up the way people look at volunteering by incorporating a road trip concept. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day comfort zone of your hometown. We're forcing participants to step out of that comfort zone and do some good in the process."

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