Ultimate Packing List | Costa Rica

The time has come…

You’re packing for a Have Fun Do Good Costa Rica trip.

Thoughts like “Errrhhmmmaagahhdd, what do I pack?” or “How many undies is too many undies?” are probably racing through your mind.

Take a deep breath, sit back and read our packing guide.


These are the essentials. Don’t leave for the airport without em’.

Carry On: Hard Shell or Duffel Bag. You’re more than welcome to bring over-sized luggage, but that’s a lot of work.

Book-bag/Purse: Check your airline carry-on restrictions before heading to the airport. Most airlines allow a carry on and a personal item. If you bring more than 2 bags, we’ll assume you didn’t read this article.

Passport: Keep this easily accessible going through the airport and on arrival. We highly recommend making a photocopy before the trip. It never hurts. You’ll have the option to lock it up upon arrival.

Wallet: Be sure to notify your bank that you’ll be traveling international. Most locations accept credit cards. It’s 2017!

Headphones: Your call here, but let’s face it, there’s always a crying baby on a plane. Or that person who coughs just for the hell of it.

Cell Phone: Interwebs will be available at our villas. Be sure to check with your cell phone provider before the trip to see what your plan covers. We’ll have a photographer and videographer on the trip, but it never hurts to upload a quick snap or story to make your friends jealous.

Cell Phone Charger: It’s always nice to have a full charge. No “bat” means no bueno.

Water Bottle: Flying dehydrates you. So does beer. Personal water bottles allow for less germs and more hydration.

Pillow: Totally optional. Our accommodations include pillows, but some people like their own.


Tees + Tanks: These will be your go to’s.

Swim Suits: Pack 1-2 pairs. We’ll be enjoying the water as much as possible. Sky’s out, Thighs Out.

Yoga Pants: For the ladies and/or men, you can never go wrong.

Lightweight Pants: It gets toasty in Costa Rica. We love our denim, but you may want to consider a lighter option as well.

Rain/Light Jacket: Sometimes it rains in Costa Rica. Depends on the season, but a stray shower is never out of the realm of possibility.

Shorts: We prefer shorts in hotter temps. Your play here though.

Socks: Bring your favorite pair of socks, we’ll have a contest.

Undies: How many pairs of undies should I bring? Only you can answer that.

Shoes: Bring shoes you don’t mind getting dirty or wet during volunteer projects or hiking.

Sandals: You’re near the beach and they just make life a little easier.

Sunglasses: To block out the haters or something like that.

Towel: Bath towels included. Beach towels; not so much.


Toothbrush: It’s good practice.

Toothpaste: I use Tom’s HBU.

Comb: For those times you step out of the shower, throw on a robe, look yourself in the mirror and slick that hair back….like a bawse.

Razor: Your play here.

Sun Screen: Don’t be that person that gets burnt on the first day.

Bug Spray: Optional

Deodorant: Just do it!

Make Up: Judge free zone.

Medications: [Not Pictured] Bring any personal medications you need.

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