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Berty Mandagie has skills! Mad skills! Berty is an adventure travel and wedding photographer based in Seattle. He tells stories through his photography; beautiful stories. Berty has built quite the impressive client list as well ranging from McDonalds, Gap and Google. His Instagram following of 95k ain’t too shabby either! We are all about adventure and exploration at Have Fun Do Good so it was an honor to chat with Berty. Enjoy!

HFDG: Tell us a bit about yourself.

B: My name is Berty Mandagie. I am an adventurous travel and wedding photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I’m originally from East Java, Indonesia. Being born and growing up in Indonesia had introduced me to the adventurous lifestyle that I am so very much attracted to. We’d go surfing in the morning right before school, going on a spontaneous road trips with my brother throughout the island of Java and a few times across island to Bali, and my dad was a sailor so he would take all of us sailing from island to island. So the idea of adventure was not foreign to me. I picked up a camera for the first time when I started living abroad in Czech Republic for 3 months back in 2011. I took so many photos that trip and have learned to love shooting. And ever since then I just started shooting. Well here I am now and I’m in love with it.

HFDG: How did you get started?

B: My aunt bought me a simple Canon point and shoot just before I left for Czech Republic. I started documenting my trip, day by day, and I would take way too many photos. But I didn’t care, I loved documenting and taking photos that describe the culture of Prague, Czech Republic. Ever since then, I haven’t really put down a camera. Also, now with the ease of access to share your work to the world, I’ve taken full advantage of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, 500px, and even Twitter. Now, I’ve been a full-time photographer for almost a year and could not have imagined doing life any other way.

berty mandagie and have fun do good

HFDG: What makes your work unique?

B: I believe my work is unique because I love capturing unfiltered and unposed moments—candid. I love candid unexpected moments. When I do pose my subjects in portraitures, I want to show who they truly are as a person, I want their personality to show. I also put so much hard work and heart into my work and I do take it very seriously. I also love pairing people up with a beautiful landscape in the photo to show the beauty in both subjects.

HFDG: What advice do you have for other photographers?

B: Honestly, keep shooting. You have to be completely 100% in love with it, especially if you want to make it your profession. Don’t fake it. Keep learning, and know that there’s always a photographer better than you — this is at least what I keep telling myself to get better and to keep producing good content consistently.

HFDG: Has travel impacted you in any way?

B: Oh BIG time. I’ve travelled to so many amazing places in the past few years including Machu Picchu (where I got engaged and many other places across the world and within the U.S. This is why my wife and I made a travel blog ( so that our family in Indonesia and as well in the U.S. can keep up with our adventures. Travel has shaped me into who I am today as a person and my understanding of other cultures and of the world has grown bigger because of it. Obviously, there are way more countries we have on our bucket list that we hope someday would go and capture their cultural essence and its natural beauty.

Follow Berty and his adventures here.

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