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We are super stoked to feature Andrew Kearns on the blog! Andrew is a freelance photographer/videographer based out of Washington. He spends most of his time behind some type of camera whether it’s filming or taking photos. Andrew’s latest project has been traveling and living on the road out of his car and documenting his experiences through photography and film. Enjoy the Q & A below!

How did you get started?

In senior year of High School I took a digital photo class and enjoyed it, though I never thought it would become my job. Fast forward 3 years later I quit my day job at Starbucks and sought out a graphic design job a had lined up, which slowly faded out as photography became more prominent. I stared growing slow at first on IG and before I knew it was making enough money to support myself and a travels, and then some. My distant dreams had quickly become my reality.

Why is travel important?

This past year has been mostly travel which has been exhausting and an incredible amount of work, but so incredible and beyond beneficial for me. Gaining different perspectives and meeting new people, seeing new places and sharing moments. I’d say it has really opened my mind to being available for new experiences. It’s easy to live in fear, to step back and be passive about situations or ideas, but traveling around so much has inspired me to work really hard at what I do and do more beyond that, seeking out and pursue these moments and these crazy ideas I’ve only dreamt of.

What would you recommend for someone looking to travel more?

If I could recommend two things for people who are wanting to travel more it’d be these: go in with a semi-plan, and document your travels in some way.

My entire Iceland trip was planned in like 40mins with a little bit of google searching and starring some spots on maps. I’d say my travel partner Sonora and I went in with like a 30% plan and the other 70% was “Yeah that road looks cool, let’s take it.” Be open to not having a set plan or schedule, but more so a somewhat plan or an idea.

Documenting and sharing these moments is by far the best thing I could recommend anyone do. I’ve started vlogging and sharing my travels with others on my YouTube channel. The response has been amazing and the messages I get makes the countless hours of hard work so worth it. I look back all the time at my photos and videos from past travels, and it’s so rad that others can too. It’s inspiring to me and apparently my audience too.

It’s incredible to how it has inspired others to do the same, to get off the couch and go shoot photos, travel somewhere, or just do something else productive or rad. All that I do is document my life with photos and videos, people see this and it has this resonating affect. All I do is not rocket science or too complicated – yet it apparently has been inspiring so many which was not expected as I went into this whole thing.

If you’re thinking about getting out and traveling somewhere, DO IT. Don’t over complicate it, don’t feel like you have to travel to the most beautiful location ever. It can be local, it can be a weekend, a month, in a car, a day hike, it can be whatever. Just get out and go do something rad. Document it, share it, and repeat. Making time for these moments in life is the best thing you can do.

Follow Andrew and his awesome travels here.

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