How to Get the Best Deals on Flights

Ah, one of the most painstaking parts of travel planning: researching and booking a flight. The millions of airline options. The two day long layover options. And, doesn’t it seem that the prices jump every other minute?

We’re here to make it easy. We’ve done a bit of traveling here and there and we have some not-so-secret tips on how to simplify the process and score a killer deal on a flight. And once you have mastered the art of flight shopping, you might as well book a couple extra flights… just because.

1. Consider different airports.

Both when departing and arriving, look into multiple airports to see which offers the best deal. Alternate airports can be much less expensive.

2. Travel on the off season.

Typically, there is a bit of a dip in travel between January- April and September-November. If you are able, this is the best time to book flights. If shopping for flights during peak travel season, expect to pay significantly more.

3. Use the right travel sites.

Check airline search engines such as Expedia, Travelocity, CheapOair, or Kayak, but also consider looking at the airlines websites themselves. Oftentimes, they restrict the number of flights that show up on big travel sites. If buying directly from the carrier, there are often extra deals and discounts. Pro-tip: open a new incognito tab in your browser if you’ve consistently searched for the same flight. The interwebs knows your search patterns.

4. Be a little bit flexible. It pays off.

Be flexible with the travel day. Weekend flights are usually a bit more expensive than midweek flights, so if possible check both! Take advantage of flight search engine’s three days before and three days after option to check out all possible options.

5. Use flight points when possible.

Do you have a credit card that racks up travel points? If you travel often, it may be worth looking into. Lots of credit cards offer miles that add up and can earn you free flights. Not a bad idea, as long as you remember to pay off your credit card!

Regardless of the tips you use to score the best flights, the most important thing is that you get out there and just go. We believe it really changes everything. So, book that flight and go somewhere new.

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