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Have Fun Do Good is a travel + volunteer company started by social entrepreneur Adam Kunes. They arrange multi and single-day trips to various locations around the world that blend adventure and service. This might mean jumping off a waterfall in the morning and then working to clean the forest around that very waterfall at night. Catching some waves with a surf lesson, then serving those in need at a nearby village.

With experience founding and leading for-profit and nonprofit businesses, Adam has pursued the entrepreneurial and creative spirit fostered in him from a young age. He has allowed creativity in his life to inform everything from driving an RV across the country, stopping to serve those in need along the way, to starting Have Fun Do Good!

Adam has leaped into enough different adventures to last a lifetime and shows us that it’s never too late to start something new, follow your gut and make a difference while doing it. He is passionate and enthusiastic about making the idea of serving others, something everyone can get excited about.

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