5 Simple Steps to Get Started Shooting Video

Videos are a powerful way to share your story. They also provide a great way to give your brand legitimacy. We rely on the power of these videos to share our experiences through travel and events. Our goal is to give our viewers a “real” look into what Have Fun Do Good is all about. We want people to see our passion, the ups and downs, the goofiness and more. Sometimes you just need to channel your Jenny on the block and be REAL! Here are five simple steps to get started shooting video:

1. Don’t get distracted by fancy equipment

It’s easy to get distracted by all of the camera equipment out there. Don’t be that guy or girl who thinks if you buy the newest technology that your videos are all of a sudden going to be AMAZING! At the end of the day, you need to spend time honing the craft and filming as much as possible. We suggest starting out with an iPhone if your budget is tight. In fact, Have Fun Do Good still shoots some of their video this way. The iPhone produces really good video. If you are in a pinch and are starting with limited resources, start with that and focus on the story you are trying to tell. Here is a video shot completely on the iPhone from one of our trips!

We were in a jam and weren’t able to shoot on DSLR so we busted out our iPhones. We got the story across and it looks peachy! WIN WIN!

2. Have an actionable plan

Things can get pretty busy at the scene, so knowing exactly what you are going to shoot before going into it is crucial.  It seems simple, but it’s extremely important to think through how you want to tell the story. Then, outline an actionable plan for what you are going to capture that day and include all of your interviews in the timeline. You should have a general idea of how those interviews will fit into your overall message, so you can craft your questions too.

3. Take a ton of B-Roll Footage

B-roll is extremely important! We suggest shooting as much as you can. Add some sweet music to it and show off your brand’s personality in the video. If you are just getting started, overdo it on the B-roll footage so you have plenty to chose from. When selecting music, pick a song that evokes the emotion you are after. Always keep your mission in your head when selecting songs. It should fit in with your cause and your overall approach.

4. Keep it short & sweet

We actually learned this the hard way. We were interviewed by a TV station and they watched one of our kickball event videos beforehand. The video was 14 minutes long, and I remember one of the guys saying, ‘Man, that’s a long kickball video…’ People start to lose interest after a minute and a half or so. Keep the video between one and three minutes max.

5. Be Patient

We suggest that all newbies out there remember the power of patience. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. As you continue to grow, your brand grows, your story grows, your followers grow. Just keep reminding yourself that the journey takes time. Don’t let your limited budget and experience keep you from sharing your story. We take a “tell everyone who will listen” approach. Getting your story out there in some form is the most important part as you seek to start a social movement.

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