Why I Backed Out of the Trip...

I just returned from a 5-day trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Not only was this my first visit to this country, but, it was also my first experience taking a trip with total strangers. I received an e-mail from an organization called "Have Fun Do Good" back in August through some random subscription.

The premise of this organization is to incorporate volunteer work and travel (hence- having fun and doing good). Needless to say, this totally struck my fancy and I snagged a spot almost immediately. In the month leading up to the trip, I started to get second (and third and fourth) thoughts about following through with my commitment.

vanessa have fun do good

I've traveled alone before to Italy and Greece, so, this didn't seem too far off- however, the more I started to analyze my decision, I came to the conclusion that traveling alone is way better than traveling alone and being "forced" to communicate and room with strangers for five days. I came this close to backing out, deciding only a week prior to go ahead and stick to my original plan.

I can say now that my prior thinking was so misguided. Perhaps I got "lucky" with such an amazing group of humans... although, I venture to say that any person that signs up for a solo volunteer travel experience has to possess similar qualities as the next guy or gal. The five days flew by in the best way possible. I was surrounded with like-minded individuals - each with a varying back story, but, all with caring hearts and silly personalities. 

have fun do good

Carving out time from our normal routines to help those less fortunate is so beneficial for the soul! I really love the theme of Have Fun Do Good, and I hope that Costa Rica was only the first of several trips I will be attending in the future. Moral of the story: Stepping out of your comfort zone is supposed to feel scary. Feelings of apprehension or uncertainty go hand in hand with growth and knowledge. This trip was a grand reminder for me to not shy away from the unknown because who knows what experiences lie on the other side? 

Ciao, y'all :)