How to Volunteer at a National Park

If you've been to a National Park, you're aware of the shear beauty these places have to offer. Our National Parks play a huge part in the natural heritage of America. It's no surprise that millions of tourists from all over the world flock to these wonders every year. 

Visiting the park is one thing, but volunteering at a park helps you gain a whole new appreciation for these places. The life-blood of our National Parks are the park employees and volunteers. 

What do volunteers do?

Each park varies, but the opportunities are endless if you're willing to give some of your time to volunteer. Projects range from administrative help to clearing trails. Our experiences have consisted of re-purposing plants and eradicating 'Russian Thistle.' (Ya, you learn a bunch of new terms and get to sound smart)


Fun Fact: 

In 2014, 246,000 people (40 percent of them seniors) donated 6.7 million hours as volunteers for the National Park Service in the more than 400 units of the system (which include historic sites, seashores, parkways, battlefields and more). They sold postcards and travel mugs in visitor centers, shoveled dirt as members of trail crews, performed living history plays, built websites and did search and rescue.

How to get involved?

-Check out for local opportunities

-Join us in 2019 for our annual National Park Tour (dates coming soon)

Adam Kunes