Feeling Uninspired? Go on a Road Trip.

Alivia Latimer is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her images are nothing short of inspirational and her YouTube channel is full of inspiration as well. Do you see where we are going with this? The girl is inspiring. We are stoked to feature our Q&A with Alivia here. Enjoy! HFDG: Give us a little background on yourself.

A: Greetings! I'm Alivia, I'm a photographer/social influencer, and I am based in Los Angeles, CA. I moved to LA for acting, yet somehow found myself behind the camera, as I accidentally stumbled into photography about two years ago. My love for photography has since grown, and has led me to some incredible sights around the globe. HFDG: How did you get started?

A: In short, I didn't want to have a normal teenager job. I wanted to find a creative way to earn money. So, I did just that! I started by taking headshots of actors around Los Angeles, which eventually evolved into more creative portrait and lifestyle work, and more recently, outdoors adventure & travel photography.


HFDG: What makes your work unique?

A: I am a huge fan of earth tones--browns, greens, subtle blues, so I try to only incorporate those colors into my work. Additionally, I feel like I have a somewhat recognizable editing style. Again, all about the brown tones!

HFDG: What advice do you have for someone looking to get into photography?

A: My main piece of advice I would give to someone wanting to get into photography is this--shoot what looks good to you. There are no rules when it comes to art. No right or wrong way to it. So focus on your own style and explore from there!

HFDG: Do you have a favorite app for photography? If so, what is your go-to?

A: When I first started, I edited with VSCOcam on my iPhone. I don't use phone apps anymore, but I edit with Lightroom on my computer, and it always get's the job done!


HFDG: How did you grow your Instagram following to what it is today?

A: I owe much of my Instagram success to Instagram itself. I have been fortunate enough to work with the team behind the app, which landed me a spot on the suggested users list a few years back (a curated list that significantly boosts one's exposure on the app). Besides that, I find it incredibly beneficial to surround myself with passionate and talented individuals. When you're creating with your friends, it's only natural that you'll all grow together!

HFDG: Has travel impacted you in any way?

A: Absolutely. 100%. Yes. Travel has opened my creative mind so much. It allows me to be in a new environment, try new things within my photos, and meet new people. Those three things alone are enough to spiral a plethora of new ideas. If you're ever feeling uninspired or lost in your work, go on a road trip. It forces you to work with new surroundings, and it's so very exciting.

Check out Alivia and her adventures here.