Our National Parks Deserve Better

Currently, one-third of America’s National Parks are closed due to the government shutdown. The parks that remain open are understaffed and most of them have been forced to shutdown resources such as bathrooms and visitor centers.

A number of organizations are calling for a complete shutdown of the parks in an attempt to limit the damages. 

Our team has spent the last three years volunteering with the National Park service at Zion National Park. A common theme from each experience is that our National Park's are understaffed and rely on volunteers to help sustain these treasures. 

It's one thing to hear about the current government shutdown wreaking havoc on our parks, but it's entirely different when you've invested time and energy into them.

volunteer vacation

We're not trying to 'toot on our own horns' here. We started Have Fun Do Good to provide a unique experience for folks to give back.

Regardless of what the "powers that be" decide to do, rest assured that our team will be at Zion National Park in May and June giving of our time and stewarding the National Parks so they are available for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.