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Are we really making a difference?

We think so! Have Fun Do Good started after a weekend volunteer trip to New York City with 3 friends. Since then, we've turned into a full-on tour company offering unique experiences that incorporate volunteering. While we've certainly had an impact with our non-profit partners, we've also had an impact on our trip participants.


By the numbers:






Nice things people said about us: 


"If you have ANY reservations about HFDG and their trips, put them aside and BOOK IT NOW! In four days on the National Park Trip, I saw a ton of places on my bucket list, helped out an in-need area of Flagstaff, devoted time to our National Park Service so that others can enjoy their beauty for years to come AND met an incredible group of open-minded, intelligent, hilarious people that I will no doubt keep in contact with. I hope to be able to go on another trip in the near future and can't wait to see what other destinations they add! So, to sum it all up-- DO IT! You're in good hands with the Have Fun Do Good team, you'll meet some awesome people, see some beautiful places and make a positive impact on places that need it."

Katie M. | National Park Tour



"I recently returned from the National Park Tour and still riding the high of an absolutely amazing experience. There could not be a more aptly named company... because not only did we Do Good but the Have Fun part never stopped. If you are thinking about joining one of these trips, think no further and simply sign up!"

Chad H. | National Park Tour


"The experience I walked away with from the Have Fun Do Good trip I was apart of was truly unlike any other. What made the experience so unique was not just working with one organization, or one community at a time; it was partnering with a variety of organizations, in different cities, all dealing with different causes. Have Fun Do Good adds a cool and social element to giving back and volunteering - the friends you make along the way just add to the overall enjoyable experience. I'd highly recommend HFDG for anyone looking to get out and travel, experience a new community, meet new people, and make a difference. Can't wait for the next trip!" 

-Lindsey D. | New York City



"Costa Rica was the experience of a lifetime. I don't usually travel due to what I've got going on in my personal life, so this was a treat. I also don't feel the need to escape my current reality which is making a difference in the community I'm currently a part of, so when I learned that I could combine both a vacation and helping others at the same time, it definitely peaked my interest. The location was beautiful, the activities were a blast, I've got new family members and now have memories to look back on for the rest of my life. I hope to go on more in the future!"

Adrian P. | Costa Rica


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