Building a community of good

Ridiculously fun experiences centered around good!



Have Fun Do Good offers unique experiences that incorporate volunteering. Through multi-day trips and local events, our goal is to force folks to step out of their comfort zones and give back in the process.

We're firm believers in making a difference one person at a time. Bringing together folks who genunienly want to make the world a better place is a powerful thing.


current experiences

National Park Tour — Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Lake Powell, and Antelope Canyon

Costa Rica — Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Yosemite, CA - Coming soon

Drink Beer, Do Good — Local event series featuring beer and volunteering

Corporate Events — One day to multi-day corporate volunteer events

Private Trips - A customized experience for you and your crew




How it all started

Adam Kunes graduated college and had no idea what the heck to do. So, he went on a volunteer trip to New Orleans and it changed his life. Over the years, he couldn't kick the idea of traveling and volunteering. With the help of his friend, Ben and Anna, Have Fun Do Good morphed from a saying into a business. It started with a few trips to New York City with friends. 

Those initial trips lead to the first Have Fun Do Good experience. Fifteen people signed up for the National Park Tour in August 2016. Adam knew they were onto something.

HFDG is comprised of a small team of passionate do-gooder's trying to leave their mark on this planet. 

HFDG's mission is to create experiences that force participants to step out of their comfort zones, give back in the process and meet some amazing folks along the way. We've found that a lot of the "GOOD" comes from building a tight-knit community of strangers within a 4-5 day experience.  

There's something about giving back and traveling that you just have to experience for yourself. 





Adam Kunes

FOUNDER | guide

Have Fun. Do Good. owner and founder Adam Kunes incorporates his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for service into everything he does. Adam participated in Semester at Sea during college; a 100-day cruise around the world. This experience opened Adam’s eyes to the world and shaped his views on what it means to truly give to others. His participation in many service-oriented trips both during Semester at Sea and at home inspired the concept for HFDG. Adam hopes his efforts will allow others to realize the opportunities to volunteer are endless and that service can be fun. When he's not having fun and doing good, Adam enjoys all things outdoors and also growing the occasional mustache. Don't be surprised if you see him wearing short-shorts on a trip.


Ben Petchel

MEDIA | guide

Ben Petchel, a Bethel Park native was always fascinated with the camera. The 4-year, scholarship lacrosse player and art major at Seton Hill knew he'd end up becoming a photographer.  Ben is currently the head visual designer at Clockwise in Pittsburgh where he oversees photography and all things visual. During his free time, Ben photographs for companies such as Luxe Creative, Creatives Drink, Antonio Brown, Tribune Review, WHIRL magazine and Carnegie Mellon University.  Giving back is extremely important to Ben. He travels nationally and internationally with Have Fun Do Good where he leads and documents immersive travel experiences. In his spare time, Ben enjoys paddleboarding, the ocean and floating on tubes.


Anna Poiarkoff


Anna is a helper by profession, an explorer by nature and an overall lover of life. She grew up in smalltown-boondocks, Ohio. Her thirst for adventure started at a young age when her father would take her comet hunting in the middle of the night and it has only progressed from there. Anna has a knack for making new friends, an insatiable appetite for tacos and a small mission to change the world. Anna currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she is a licensed social worker. She doesn't always have fun but when she does, she does good.


Vinnie Gatti

director of good vibes | GUIDE

Vinnie, raised on the (not) tough streets of Indiana, Pennsylvania, grew up playing sports and adventuring in the woods. He graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Environmental Science (we also heard a time or two that he played football there). Vinnie loves two things in this world, his Mom, and making other people laugh.  While he waits for his career as a stand-up comedian to take off, Vinnie works in the Digital Innovation department of a Hospital in Philadelphia.  With his sense of adventure, entrepreneurial spirit, and general Have Fun mentality, Vinnie fits right in here at HFDG.